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Artist Resume

Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design  
    Major: Sculpture, Printmaking.  Minor: Writing, History.
    (President’s List, Cum Laude)                                                        2003

Post-NeoAbsurdist Movement                                                                2005-Current

Group  Exhibitions                
BLD Group Exhibition
Columbus, Ohio  Transmutation Intaglio Print                                         06/ 2004

BLD Women’s Group Exhibition
Columbus, Ohio, Beauty Assemblage, Inspiration Assemblage,
       Solitude Assemblage                                                            07/ 2004

Myth - Digestion and Renewal, Jung Haus Gallery Untitled
       Assemblage                                                                          03/ 2005

Synapse 2 Launch. Anti-curated exhibition of visual work by 27
      artists including Chriss, Hartke, Andrews, Bennett, Leftwich,
      Topel, Lindsann, Foster (Grimm), Helmes, and Blafas as part of the   
      launch for Synapse 2. Dartington College of Arts, Devon.     06/ 2006

The Grand Exhibition 1-day Post-NeoAbsurdist exhibition                                                       
Post-Neo Anti-Festival D. C. A., Devon, UK                                             09/ 2006

Welcome To Dollywood, Monkey House Toys & Art Gallery
   Sugar + Hypno Girl Rag dolls
    Los Angeles, CA                                                    12/ 2007

Toda Merda Agora Earte 2
eara-Mirim, Brazil                                                                                  05/2008
Skylab, Vispo Mail Art exhibit
     4 collaborations w/ John M. Bennett
     Columbus, Oh                                                                       08/2010
O.S.U. Thompson Library, Special Collections exhibit
      part of The Avant Writing Symposium
      Columbus, Oh                                                                     08/2010    

Virtually exhibited Oblivion, as part of the
What Isn’t Post-NeoAbsurdism Anti-Lecture / Demonstration
w/ Olchar Lindsann, D.B. Edwards & A.M. Oliver
Dartington College of Arts, Devon UK.                                                             10/2006

Knead                                                                                                                  2003

Synapse 2 - July A.Da.90 / 2006 Anti-Vulgar
The Sound of Her Wings collage, Lady Peacock collage, Untitled  
Image collaboration with O. Lindsann multi-media
Monocle-Lash Anti-Press                                                                               06/ 2006

Synapse 2 - Sound Supplement,
Cover Image with Olchar Lindsann, Monocle-Lash Anti Press                        06/ 2006

Synapse 3 - Feb, A.Da.91 / 2007 Anti-Vulgar                                                02/ 2007
Eight collaborations w/ various artists, Monocle-Lash Anti Press

The Myopic Death Ray and Other Tawdry Conflagrations
Collaborative Collage w/ Olchar Lindsann                                                     02/ 2007

Puking Trolly - 2007
Three Collaborations w/ Various Artists, Luna Bisonte Prods                        2007

Notes From Nowhere - 2007
Photo / Digital Media Collaborations w/ Tom Taylor
Anabasis Press                                                                                              08/ 2007

Hotspur's Talent by Tom L. Taylor & b.b. Grimm
30 Collaborations
Luna Bisonte Prods and
Monocle Lash (anti) Press                                                                              02/2009

Letter Founder #66
Collaborative collage w/ Tom Taylor
Answer Shirker Press                                                                                     12/2009

Unarmed #61
Cover Image, Collaboritive
Saint Paul, Mn                                                                                                06/2010

Online Resources Examples of doll work, collage and
assemblage. Blog contains personal points of interest and influences
along with artist thoughts and reflections. Online home / Retail for art by bela b. Grimm Collaborative work
in archives for Synapse 2 Sound Supplement Cover,                               
on 09/16/2006 (first appearance) Examples of art work from 2000 to current
Permanent photo set in Jim Leftwichs collection Ebay store consisting of Dolls,
art, clothes, plus other finds.  (on hold) Handmade items  (on hold)  Currently available prints from my
private collection. Some work is collaborative (on hold)

Other Actions      
Hrach Rioke Bull Colle. One-hour single-track bruitist album   
recorded w/anonymous collaborators, MonOcle-Lash                                   01/ 2006

Camberwell Arts Festival. Contributed 1 of 2 poems performed by
Olchar Lindsann w/ Post-NeoAbsurdist Syndicate festival  
associated with the London Biennial.                                                            07/ 2006

Whimzey Studios, Peace On Earth - Piece By Piece Project
Dec. 17 - Jan. 1      Safe Harbor, FL                                                             07/08

Private Collections  

James and Susanne Bruney, Lancaster, Ohio
Ava Garver, Columbus, Ohio
Samuel Hoar, Worthington, Ohio
Michael Ziemba, Austin, Texas
Olchar Lindsann, London, England
Bradley Chriss, Hyattsville, Maryland
Pieces are in homes located in Hawaii, New York,
California just to name a few


Myth - Digestion and Renewal, Jung Haus Gallery                        2005

Teaching assistant for K- 8th grade art classes
Reynoldsburg City Schools,                                                                              1990
Portrait Model for CCAD                                                                                    1998
Photographer/ Buyer for                                                    1999-2000
CCAD Student center monitor                                                                           2001
CCAD Sculpture lab Tech                                                                                 2002
Cobenick Studios, Paper maker                                                               2004-2006
Grimm Curiosities/                                                         2003-Current (on hold)